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He is a Good good Father

So Tonight I was listening to the song, Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin and that song always ministers to my heart every single time I hear it. And as I once again pondered on the words of song, I had to wonder how many people are not experiencing the relationship they could have with God, because of something their earthly Father did. I have heard this quote this quite frequently:

The way you view your Earthly Father is very likely the way you will view your Heavenly Father.

And while I wish every single person in this world could experience a loving relationship with an earthly Father,and I know that this isn’t reality for a lot of people. But I do know that we have a Heavenly Father who heals, loves and cares for each of us, beyond what any earthly Father could.

I use to be the person that was sure God was just standing beside me waiting to beat me the minute I messed up and if that had been the case I probably would not be alive right now. Y’all, that’s not who God is, and the minute I realized that several years ago, my entire was changed drastically. When I really understood the love that The Heavenly FATHER has for each one of us, I was overwhelmed and in tears before I knew what was happening.

You see, God is just patiently waiting on each of us, to admit we need Him and may I just say, we all desperately need Him. When we realize what A Good Good Father He really is, our entire life and outlook will change.

While I can’t change the circumstances between you and your Earthly Father that may have been very unpleasant. I can tell you, I feel your pain and you are not alone. I invite you to seek after God, ask Him to help you find freedom and forgiveness. He is a good good Father and He is earnestly longing to begin a relationship with you, that blows any earthly relationship out of the park.

Until the next Inspiration hits..

❤❤.. Vinny

Living in da South 

Y’all it has been a year that I moved from the North (or Yankeeville as the south calls it)🤔 to the good Ole South.  And wow, what a journey of change, adventure and fun it has been.  So I am fixin to attempt and document some of the most memorable parts of the journey that God has led me on.  

 So grab a cup of coffee☕, get comfy🛋🛏, (cuz I know this will be a lengthy post), and join me as I share the adventures God has allowed me to be a part of.  And just so you know, I will be using southern words and expressions, cuz I am a Southern Gal or at least one in training😊😉

 So a short 365 days ago, I packed up all my belongings, said Goodbye to those close and dear to me and began the 750 mile trek to the Southern state of Georgia. I am not sure I could possibly express the amount of excitement that was in my Spirit, at the thought of all the new adventures I was about to experience or the journey  I was about to embark on.

  In the early afternoon hours as we were driving, I suddenly had this strong urge to just turn around, head back to Indiana, and forget that I had ever heard of or known about Georgia, I had a throbbing headache and I just wanted to sleep. I began to realize that this was an attack from the enemy trying to hinder what God was calling me to. After I begin to pray and cry out to God, I felt much better and we continued our journey to my new home and arrived safely a few hours later.  

  The first couple weeks were filled with lots of adventures, getting to know all the amazing people around me, attending a new church(where I was pretty sure everyone was related to each other🙈)and attempting to talk Southern; well let’s just say, I am still working on that one.  🙄
  I started my new job as a secretary the week after I moved into my Lil trailer. Yeah lots of changes and stuff that week🙄  The secretary job had always been a dream of mine and when I knew that I was going to be moving to this area, the job was literally dropped into my lap. Another blessing from the Lord👏          I had always worked with food ever since I had I been old enough to have a job and so this secretary experience was quite a different atmosphere but I loved every minute of it and I still do. Y’all we make some really cool buildings at this place🏠. And now I know more about wood terms then I ever have before😂😉 I actually think I know what a 2×4 is now😉😂

   And it took about 2 weeks for the first bout of homesickness to come and it did hit me pretty hard, probably when it hit the hardest was when I needed something and I couldn’t just run to my mom’s house and borrow it. 😭 and even now, a year later, the bouts of homesickness are  probably worse then they were at the beginning. But through each bout of homesickness and loneliness,  God provided and carried me through in ways, that only He can.  👏

 There’s just something about moving somewhere new that makes you question everything about yourself, now I do enjoy where I am, but there were times I began to question who I really am, cuz I simply just didn’t know or at least it felt like I didn’t.  Being surrounded with new people and everything can be just a tad intimidating but I am very thankful for all the wonderful friendships that have developed over the last 12 months. God has provided above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.  

  My favorite part of the journey I have been on in the last year, is the work God has started and is continuing  in my heart and life. I have learned many, many valuable lessons and one of the main ones was, that God’s approval is more important than any humans approval.  Something else I learned time and again, is that when everything else seems out of control, God is still very much in control. 

In order to realize the Worth of the Anchor, we need to feel the stress the of the Storm.  Corrie Ten Boom 

  This quote by the famous Corrie Ten Boom has spoken to me in many ways in the past year, cuz honestly while the last year has been one of the best years of my life, it has likely been the hardest one too. And once again, I praise My Heavenly Father for His unfailing, never-ending Love and Faithfulness. 

  Another favorite part of living in the South is learning to speak with the slow southern drawl they all speak down here, not to mention all the Southern words they use😊😉 I love the Southern accent and I can’t wait to be able to speak all southernish myself.  😉  I don’t have a problem with words like y’all, fixin to,and etc. But there is an expression I am not sure I can ever use without feeling like a horse should be involved and that is; calling a grocery cart, a buggy. I just don’t really understand dat one🤔🙄  

  Another thing is learning the Southern way to cook, y’all these peoples down here can cook up a storm and make so much delicious food that you are literally drooling the minute you walk in the door. Wow!😁😄 If y’all have not had a bowl of logger’s grits, y’all are really missing out.😆 , just believe me when I say it tastes scrumptious.I definitely got some work to do on the part of cooking like the Southern peoples do. I did make sweet tea once since I am here and I am pretty sure it didn’t qualify as southern sweet tea, but I did try at least😋😊 And I can’t forget the Southern hospitality that these folks extend to people who come to visit. Wow😊

  All in all, the last year has been absolutely amazing, God has worked and provided beyond what I could ever have expected.  Although the distance between my home in the south and my former home is still over 700 miles away, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that there are specific reasons God called me to live in the south.  

 So there ya have it, your cup is probably empty and you are ready to get back to work, so thanks for joining me for a short time as I shared my adventureous journey
Until next time

❤❤.. Vinny