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{Reflection}. *to think quietly and calmly. *to express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection

A rainy, cold December evening it was and in that upstairs bedroom, flung upon the bed was a young lady, weeping from what felt like endless heartache.

~Would she ever be loved?

~Would someone ever care?

~Was life even really worth living?

These thoughts and many more ran endlessly through her mind, as she lay there, trying to comprehend what had just taken place that evening. Yet another verbal attack, it always felt like there surely could be none worse then the last, yet tonight’s episode had proven to be the worst one yet.

The holidays just seemed to be a stark reminder that not all was well, that those closest about her seemed to all be at odds with each other. Weren’t the holidays to be a time of rejoicing, a time of gathering together and enjoying each other’s company? She would have gladly welcomed a break from the pain of the day’s events, but where would she find that?

Two years later, it was December once again and the young lady sat at her kitchen table feeling the same in her heart as was the outside atmosphere, cold and dark.

The holidays were here once again and the same feelings were there, followed with:





Would this cycle ever end?

What was with the holidays that made it seem like such a hard time?

Fast forward to 8 years later, the year is now 2020 and it’s once again December, the very last day to be exact.

Things are a bit different for the young lady, lots of change in the 8 years and as she reflects, over the past year, there is a very noticeable pattern, it’s a pattern of God’s Mercy, Faithfulness and Love, it’s woven through all 366 days of the past year. What a year it was, but what Faithfulness from God also.

Now she reflects back over the past 10 years and she also sees a pattern, God’s Mercy, Faithfulness, and Love is intricately woven through every day of her life. There’s been much healing, the road has not been easy at all, but the Grace and Strength of God has been a very real art of it all. The holidays are still a bit difficult but every year is another step of healing and obedience.

“Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭7:9‬ ‭

So however the past year was for you, and let’s be honest, 2020 was a year to remember. I challenge you to take a few minutes and reflect over the past 366 days, don’t focus on all negative, instead focus on where God was faithful in the hard, the impossible, I promise you will find it.

“The Time is Now”

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Do you ever find yourself waiting for the perfect time?

The perfect time to encourage someone.

The perfect time to pray with someone.

The perfect time to tell someone about Jesus.

The perfect time to hear from God?

The truth is there is no perfect time, but there is the present time.

Like the time I was slicing bread and God gave me the words for this post. Inspiration can be given at anytime and not always what seems to be the most convenient of times either.

I have heard from others that God has spoken to them in the shower, I mean one can’t really have a pen and paper in the shower to write but you get the point. God speaks anywhere at anytime. Are we listening or is it too inconvenient for our schedule?

Do you have time for a story?



A little over two years ago, I was walking to the mailbox to get the mail and God spoke. It was a word I will never ever forget, it was so clear, as if you and I were having this conversation in person.

So about the word from the Lord, let me give you a bit of back story first.

There was a widower in my community and some dear people had been hinting that I would be a good match for him, and apparently a lot of people,thought that would be a great idea, basically everyone but myself. I wanted nothing to do with the idea, absolutely nothing. I mean, nothing personal I just didn’t care to have anything to do with guys at that season in my life, but God was about to change that too.

So I am walking to the mailbox to check the mail and this is what God said, “My daughter, there is a part of your heart that you have given me, but there’s also a part that you have not given me and that is the part that would be allowing a man to care for you”

That was the Word, it wasn’t one I wanted to hear but there It was. Not a fancy moment, and for sure not perfect timing in my opinion but it was a word from the Lord.

The point is, God will speak, but are we willing to listen? It’s not about you walking to your mailbox now to see if God will speak to you, it’s about you being obedient and walking forward in the season you are in, no matter how unpleasant or perfect it seems.




The God of the Universe does want to commune with you, are you willing to listen and receive?

“Truth over Feelings”

Those were just a few of the feelings that flooded me constantly in the new season I was entering into.

What was I to do?
How do I step into this role?
Could I really be a mother and a wife?
And did God really know what He was calling me to?

We all have days and seasons where we face questions similar to those above.
We really do.

It does not matter how perfect our little squares on social media look, we all have those days and seasons we don’t necessarily care to repeat.

Some days we get up and feel like we can conquer any and every thing that comes at us. We hear from God, we feel close, we feel heard, and we believe that God is ALL He says He is.

We also all have the days where it would be easier to stay in bed hidden under the cozy covers, then to face the overwhelming amount of hardness coming at us. It’s real brothers and sisters.

We try to pray, yet it feels like our prayers are just evaporating into space with no one to hear them, but ourselves, as we uttered them. We try to read the Bible but it feels dry as dust and we don’t feel encouraged.

My friend, you won’t always “feel” like doing the hard things, even though that usually is the right thing to do. But here’s where it gets really good though. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway. In the dryness, perhaps God will speak, even if you don’t expect Him to.

It’s the constant being, that matters! Being a daughter, a son of the King. It’s a high calling. It won’t always “feel” like we think it should, but God, always, Always, ALWAYS.
Sees us.
Hears us.
Cares for us.
Loves us.

Those are absolutes.
Feelings are real but they are not the truth.
God’s word is Truth!