“The Time is Now”

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Do you ever find yourself waiting for the perfect time?

The perfect time to encourage someone.

The perfect time to pray with someone.

The perfect time to tell someone about Jesus.

The perfect time to hear from God?

The truth is there is no perfect time, but there is the present time.

Like the time I was slicing bread and God gave me the words for this post. Inspiration can be given at anytime and not always what seems to be the most convenient of times either.

I have heard from others that God has spoken to them in the shower, I mean one can’t really have a pen and paper in the shower to write but you get the point. God speaks anywhere at anytime. Are we listening or is it too inconvenient for our schedule?

Do you have time for a story?



A little over two years ago, I was walking to the mailbox to get the mail and God spoke. It was a word I will never ever forget, it was so clear, as if you and I were having this conversation in person.

So about the word from the Lord, let me give you a bit of back story first.

There was a widower in my community and some dear people had been hinting that I would be a good match for him, and apparently a lot of people,thought that would be a great idea, basically everyone but myself. I wanted nothing to do with the idea, absolutely nothing. I mean, nothing personal I just didn’t care to have anything to do with guys at that season in my life, but God was about to change that too.

So I am walking to the mailbox to check the mail and this is what God said, “My daughter, there is a part of your heart that you have given me, but there’s also a part that you have not given me and that is the part that would be allowing a man to care for you”

That was the Word, it wasn’t one I wanted to hear but there It was. Not a fancy moment, and for sure not perfect timing in my opinion but it was a word from the Lord.

The point is, God will speak, but are we willing to listen? It’s not about you walking to your mailbox now to see if God will speak to you, it’s about you being obedient and walking forward in the season you are in, no matter how unpleasant or perfect it seems.




The God of the Universe does want to commune with you, are you willing to listen and receive?

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