Beside Still Waters

 ■He leads me beside Still Waters, He restores my soul■         Psalm 23:2-3 

  Life is busy, painful and messy, but we have a Good Shepherd who specializes in restoring and Healing the pain that is deep within our Hearts. Will you allow Him to take you to the Water, the crisp cool water that refreshes the Mind, Body and Spirit? 

  In that water, there is Healing, healing from pain, pain that was so deep that you never thought you would ever tell anyone. My friend, those wounds that are so raw can be healed in The Name of Jesus. The Father is the gentle Shepherd, He sees your pain,He longs to heal you. He sees your loneliness and He desires to have a relationship with you.  Will you allow Him to draw you closer to Him on this journey of Healin? 

  “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”             John 4:14 

   The beautiful thing is that The Father never leaves you, instead He is always with you.  That journey of Healing, you won’t have to travel it alone, He will walk right beside you, and when the tears fall heavily and your feet grow weary, He will carry you.  He is a Good, Good Father, do you Trust Him with your deepest secrets? 

  Wherever you find yourself at this very moment, have You allowed God to lead you, lead you to that place of Still Water? Will you allow Him to restore the hurt, the pain, and those things that are in your heart? 

 My friend, I encourage you to allow God to heal you, I can’t promise the Journey will be easy, but I can promise that it will be a life changing experience and as the Potter that shapes the clay, molding it into a beautiful Masterpiece.   So the Father desires to paint a picture, more beautiful then you can possible imagine, on the canvas of your life. 

 Rest in Him, and allow Him to have His way.   

❤.. Vinny 

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