The Orphaned Heart

Amongst the crowd of people there was a soul that was sad, her heart so lonely and so empty, pasting a smile upon her face, she ventured into the crowd attempting to blend in and hoping no one would notice the struggle that was so real, the burden that seemed almost too heavy to carry.

Deep down, she truly did want someone to ask how she was doing, this longing to be loved was real, so real it hurt and affected every part of her being. Her heart ached at the sight of families sitting together, she wanted to feel like she belonged to something or someone.

With out even realizing it, she nurtured the orphan wound within her heart, time and again when she compared herself to others, ones who had the “perfect” life, talent, or family. Why couldn’t she have one thing right in her life? And each time the wound grew a lil bigger, it festered just a wee bit more.

One day, something changed, the walls in her heart were broken down as she experienced for the first time, the Pure Love of the Father. A sense of belonging was felt in her Spirit, she knew she was now a daughter of the King and that her Heavenly Daddy would Love her unconditionally❤

My friend, if you can identify with this true story, may I encourage you to find a friend to confide in, someone who will point you to Jesus, so you may experience the Pure Love of the Father, who loves you so very much.

We all hear that Jesus loves us, but do we live like we believe it? Have we truly experienced it? Or are we still living as orphans, nurturing that wound within our Heart and Spirit?

Thankful for Grace,


1 thought on “The Orphaned Heart

  1. Wow! Very good article! How does one overcome denial that they are actually feeling this way? I know that sometimes I have felt this way, but find it too easy to become calloused to those feelings that may be hidden deep down… and just kinda ignore ’em… :.(


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